Our school

Blakehurst Public School has been a feature of the area for more than one hundred years. Established in 1881 and opened in 1882, the school has seen many changes in its appearance and buildings. While none of the original buildings remain, there are remnants from the past visible in the school grounds. The original dedication stone is set into the walls of the older brick buildings which were built in the 1930s in the Art Deco style, evident in the brick trim on the entrance portico and on the chimneys. Some of the original sandstone blocks form part of the garden bed on either side of the portico. There is one remaining weather-board building, perched on the cliff overlooking the Princes Highway. A school hall, constructed in in 1962 and modified again in the 1970s is extensively use by community groups. All of the remaining buildings were constructed in the period from 2002 onwards, completed by some Building the Education Revolution structures finished in 2010.


We pride ourselves on being a 'caring, community school' - safe, respectful, resilient and engaged.

Blakehurst Public School is located in a bushland setting which offers students a learning environment that promotes an empathy with the local area's natural heritage. The school prides itself on being a caring, community school. At Blakehurst Public School the development of the whole child is a priority. The school is committed to offering a broad-ranging curriculum with an emphasis on the basics. Excellence is encouraged in all facets of education and personal endeavour with particular encouragement being given to the child's physical development and to active participation in our diverse performing arts program.